Our Top Six Promo Bags To Fall In Love This Season

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Calling all bag lovers! We from BeautyHi are not going to forget one of the most important accessories, our hand bags.

To get started, we are picking some not so basic bags, not the kind that you are going to wear every day but the ones you pick when you want to dress to impress. This time we are going to talk about promo bags.

If you like to have a go and check out these promo bags, you will notice they are a good fit for parties. I mean you could wear it at a promo party, weddings, or some occasion that will ask you an extra plus.


Promo Bags


Promo Bags


Promo Bags


1. Metallic Box Clutch Bag

Let’s get a little more classic here. The Metallic Box Clutch is a kinda retro type of bag. Ideal for fancier parties.

2. Box Clutch with Bead Embellishment

The next one is the Box Clutch with Bead Embellishment also from Chicnova store. Classy a little retro goes well with very special occasions. I really like the details in this bag. Very classic.

3. Bow Fastening Clutch with Lace Overlay

Now we are going to jump into lace. I particularly like everything that has to do with lace. This particular bag is called Bow Fastening Clutch with Lace Overlay and is covered with polyester Lace and caries details in silver colour. A beautiful accessory for a night event.

4. Metallic Box Clutch

Show me the gold! Wonderful match for a black look right? This is the metallic box clutch. Will definitely make the difference in your look. Just be sure to break the glamour a little, if you are going to wear this bag, try not wear a gold dress!

5. Box Clutch with Embroidery Detailing

For the chic ladies over there, this is a fun and beautiful bag. It will match with almost every look you try.

6. Clip Top Clutch Bag in Color Block

With modern design, clip top clutch bag in color block is a great option for those to want to adopt a more original look. Still very chic and beautiful, it will sure match with you desired look.

These are our top 6 for now. More wish lists are about to come, but for now, remember to use the comments below to tell us which one is your favourite. Also remember to visit our social media channels and if you like it, share with your friends!


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