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We do not see this type of print very often out there, but since the first time I saw it, I was caught in love.

Let’s consider that blue (specially dark blue) and white is a great combination for any outfit, and blue majolica fashion style brings it up beautifully.

But it does not stop with blue and white there definitely other variations of colours that goes really well with Majolica pattern style and we can’t wait to populate our wardrobes with this tendency.

But Blue is so far the most beautiful look. I just found out occasionally that Dolce & Gabbana brought up a new line for this season and are investing in a collection full of blue majolica.

I am sure there are many not so well known brands out there that are just doing the same. Me myself have bought a dress for just 15$ here it is

Blue Majolica FashionYou can find more of this type of style, as mentioned before from Dolce & Gabbana. Their new collection is great, there are several different pieces but I’ve just selected the ones that I liked the most. Check it out below:

The following dress is perfect for  the days of summer/spring, holidays, weekends out something informal, getting together with friends and even a date during the day.

In fact it goes well to any casual occasion during the day time. Just add a blue back and heels and you are ready to go!

Blue Majolica FashionAnd moving from dresses to skirts, you can check the following skirt, which goes super well with white top, and will stand out even better with blue shoes or sandals.

Pretty much as the dress above, this skirt is a perfect piece for the day. Well, it is more indicated for casual occasions during the day.

As I said before, holidays, to get together with friends, and meet up for a date, or even events on later on the beach just before the evening.

The print is fabulous I have already put this on my wish list!


Blue Majolica Fashion

Back to dresses this is another piece that I have put on my wish list! The blue majolica print is one of my favourites and this type of dress goes very well with the pattern.

Another dress that is ideal for casual days situation, parties, even for one of those days that you need to go and sort things out be for work, outdoors meetings and lunch meeting with workers or colleagues.

Goes well with white or blue accessories (bags and shoes) and this one, as well as any other look in this page, it matches perfectly with blue bijou or gold jewellery.

Blue Majolica Fashion



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