Winter Essentials: Casual And Fun Winter Looks For Your Inspiration

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Winter is the time of the year that require us to be little more creative on how we style ourselves.

It is time where we should play with jackets, winter coats, and accessories to maintain our elegance.

If we are going to wear (mostly) many layers, then we need to turn it into an interesting season, by mixing a variety of style.

In this post, we are going to explore two looks for the lovers of black, white and red. Take a look at these two casual and Fun Winter Looks.

Casual And Fun Winter Looks Inspiration

Now let’s have a look at our first look. I would like to call it, casual and fun.

Maybe not so chic but this is definitely a well put together look. You can wear beautifully during the day or for informal gatherings in the evening.
Casual And Fun Winter Looks

Carey All Over Hearts Crewneck Sweater 

This is mostly all black and white but the hearted pattern will definitely break the seriousness.

2. Leather Bell Pant 

Bell bottom trousers (flare pants) are tendency right now in fashion and by the look we can see it might be a good option this winter.

3. Barneys New York India Mini Backpack

Alternatively you can wear this look with this Barneys New York India Mini Backpack . This is a good option to go work, college, courses, etc.

4. Fossil ‘Monica’ Crossbody Bag

If you want to give a little more brightness to the look, then you should combine it with the Fossil ‘Monica’ Crossbody Bag red bag. Simple, basic and you are ready to go!

5. Allistair Elastic Bootie 

In our look, we are opting for a slightly brownish pair of boots just to have fun and break a little the black.

6. Stacey Face Long Wallet 

To be VERY honest, the Stacey Face Long Wallet  is my favourite bag in this look. Just adorable.

Look 2: The Red Sexy And Casual Winter Look Inspiration

Now we can jump to our second look, which I would like to call it the red sexy and casual look.

This is a little less sporty than the first, but still following the casual line.

This outfit is absolutely simple but the kind of look that cause tremendous impact.

Casual And Fun Winter Looks


Red is one of my favourite options for winter because it is a vivid colour and extremely feminine.

1. Deep red Blouse

We love this fun asymmetric cut that fits well accordingly to the shape of your body.

2. Black Trousers (Pants) 

Although basic these back trousers are a must have. It will also work as a life saver when you don’t know what to wear!

3.  ‘Pepper’ Over the Knee Boot

These boots are really contributing to give a touch of sexiness to the look, and will of course leave any woman even more elegant!


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