Lipstick Shades – 5 Essential Lipstick Shades For A Total Make Over

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Lipstick Shades – 5 Essential Colours For A Total Make Over – There are days when we just want to be a little brighter, right? Sometimes all we need is just to give a little boost in our looks.

When we are feeling extra happy, or even when we feel just a little down, when we want to change something, I think the lipstick can be a quick way to give you an instant change.

If you are tired of the same basic and are willing to jump into a make over, these shades are the ones that you cannot leave out of your purse!

MAC Shimmery Red

For our make over we don’t want anything basic at all! We will want to play with the colours and a adopt a more vivid look. I like this shimmery red because it gives me a bright vibe.

This red lipistick shade is a good choice because it goes well with any type of look and we can say it goes well with different skin tones.

I have this one myself and this is a shade that I have been using for many years. I have tried different brands along these years but now the one I have on my purse is this MAC one.

Mac Lipstick Shades


Lorac Alter Ego Pink

Another great colour for a look make over is pink. You can use and abuse of the different types of shades but they need to be vivid! Nude is not allowed here!

Don’t get me wrong we all love nude and is a great option too, but today we want to be bright, right? And this Lorac Alter Ego Pink would do the trick.


Lipstick Shades

Nars ‘Audacious’ Lipstick

This is another compulsory item for your look make over. Pure red is a must have and you don’t want to leave it out of your purse.

This is true that not many woman feel comfortable wearing red lipstick, but you should never say never, right?

If you are not comfortable wearing red lipstick, you should try it more often. You will realise this is just a matter of time to get used to it.

I like this Nars ‘Audacious’ Lipstick because of its texture and durability. It feels good on the lips and of course the colour is wonderful.

Lipstick Shades



And Why Not Orange?

Orange is another vivid colour, and will give a real boost in your looks. As the idea here is to be bold, this orange is perfect specially with black.

Isn’t that true? Orange lipstick goes really well with black dresses, but you can experiment with your own looks and see for yourself how you want to wear it.

Remember to use the comments below to share some inspiration and ideas with the crowd! We would like to know your thoughts on orange lipstick. This one from MAC looks gorgeous.

Lipstick Shades

Deep red from Estee Lauder

What about this Deep red from Estee Lauder? I confess that I have been dreaming about this colour on my lips for a while.

I still have not found it maybe I should order online at some point. As I have never wore this one, I cannot really say much apart that I love the colour and I would definitely give it a try!

If you have tried this one yourself, make sure to share with us how was your experience with this brand, if you liked it. I will be very happy to hear from you!


Lipstick Shades

To be honest until this moment (September 2015) I have never tried anything by this brand. Would be curious to know if anyone out there would share their experience on the comments below!

Feel free to participate and share all you know about it with your A-M-A-Z-I-N-G BeautyHi community!




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