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Today we are going to talk about skater skirt. We are going to find some ideas, inspirational looks and I will be answering your question: What To Wear With A Skater Skirt?

Skater skirts are fun, beautiful and you can find them in a variety of shapes, sizes, patterns etc…but what to wear with a skater skirt?

To answer this questions here we have a handful of tops, accessories and different looks that you can use in many occasions.

What To Wear With A Skater Skirt – Casual Looks Outfits

Let’s start with the casual looks. Where can you wear them? On a date, on a casual dinner party with your friends, a day out, sightseeing, you name it.

To open our look guide with a golden key, let’s wear it short. Perfect for summer obviously.

Not only perfect for a beach holidays, these looks are going to give you an alive visual in many other occasions.

 What To Wear With A Skater Skirt

The skater skirt look 1 is very casual, fun and ideal to wear under the day light. Ideally can be worn to go out with friends on the weekends.

The skater skirt look 2 could be also worn during the day but would fit perfectly for a dinner party or a informal gathering with friends.

The skater skirt look 3 even casual would be a great fit for a party in the evening.

 What To Wear With A Skater Skirt – More on the casual side

Down below I am listing some other casual looks that I am absolutely in love with and I am sure you too will be!

The look on the left is a little more casual but the middle look and the look on the right you could even wear to go to work, right?

What To Wear With A Skater Skirt

In fact, if you change the top on the left hand side, you could have a more classic look. As you know…With a little creativity we can test and try with different styles.

What To Wear With A Skater Skirt – These Tops are Top!

I know, I know you are probably in love with all the tops we have seen so far. But if you still didn’t find anything inspiring, maybe you might like what is coming next.

Here I have a hand picked selection of tops that we could easily wear with skater skirts. These are the tops that I liked the most and I hope you too you love them! Use the comments below to share your opinions!!

What To Wear With A Skater Skirt
Note that I have also added some jeans jackets. They match very well with skater skirts, specially when you wear it open. In my opinion, jeans  jackets are one of the best matches.

Just make sure that they are not too loose otherwise you will mess a little with the look.

What To Wear With A Skater Skirt – What about the bags?

Now we can move on to other aspects of our looks. We have seen some outfits, some shoes, some tops but we still have some room to improvements here!

Obviously we cannot forget about the bags, right? The choice of your bag will depend on the look you want to adopt. I think that skater skirts go better with medium to small sized bags.

What To Wear With A Skater Skirt Bags

Why do I think that? If you have a look at the outfits that were published so far, you will notice that skater skirts outfits are more delicate.

If you throw an enormous bag on your look, that might look a little out of proportion. Now, you have just seen some interesting bags to match your skater skirt looks.

What To Wear With A Skater Skirt – What are the best shoes?

Still talking about casual looks, we have here some more examples of what to wear with a skater skirt. We have to admit that sandals will look much better with skater skirts.

Be high hills sandals or the flat ones, I believe the outfit will turn out to be better with them. Let’s see some nice sandals that you can wear with a skater skirt.

What To Wear With A Skater Skirt

Now I hope I could have answered your questions on what to wear with a skater skirt. Remember to send your comments and share with us what you think about the looks!

Also remember to share with your friends and if you like the looks on this article, you can find all peaces of clothing and accessories, plus other looks on or “what to wear with a skater skirt” Pinterest board! Just make sure to follow for more looks and inspiration!



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